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Our Accomplishments
A brief summary of some key professional accomplishments by BrandMark executives:

Sales and Business Accomlishments
  • Played a major management role in several key turnarounds, including Starcraft, Marantz Stereo, Hansen’s Natural Juice and Soda, and Nautilus Fitness.
  • Wrote the initial marketing plan that launched Signature Eyewear.  Wrote the plans and made the presentations that garnered the following licenses: Laura Ashley, Eddie Bauer, Coach, Revlon, bebe, Nicole Miller, Wimbledon, Hart Schaffner Marx, and Oakley.
  • Repositioned an eyewear distributor to an international importer of well-known licensed brand names. Sales grew from $3 million to $55 million over a seven-year period.
  • Co-authored the road show presentation that took the above company public in 1997.
  • Created an international division and built sales team that represented 20% of the above company’s sales.
  • Introduced a new Consent Marketing program. A primary goal was to attain customer “share of mind” as well as share of market through a tailored loyalty and retention program called Loyal Partners.
  • Co-founded Planet Products and sold the first line of biodegradable, “green” laundry products to major supermarket chains, including Gelson's, Vons, Ralphs and Safeway.
  • Created extremely profitable partnership with American Express that garnered $80 million in incremental sales for the Marantz Stereo Company.
  • At Starcraft, created partnership with Ford and General Motors to introduce the country’s first luxury van. Sales mushroomed to $75 million over a three-year period.
  • At Motorola, wrote and implemented marketing plan that tripled the company’s international sales.
  • BrandMark co-founder Robert Michael Fried authored his second Best Selling book called Igniting Your True Purpose and Passion: a businesslike guide to fulfill your professional goals and personal dreams. The book was also published in Chinese and sold out its 1st printing.
  • Fried's first Best Seller entitled: A Marketing Plan For Life: 12 Essential Business Principles to Create Meaning, Happiness, and True Success was critically acclaimed by the New York Times and published by the nation’s leading publisher, Penguin USA. 
Developing Loyalty and Retention Programs
  • Created an incremental sales program called “Dreammaker” that linked sales associates’ personal goals, dreams and aspirations with the Company’s incremental sales goals. (Details upon request.)
  • Loyal Partners Program accounted for 50% of sales, with over 6,000 optical retail account members attaining points for gifts, trips and rebates.
  • DreamMaker Program creates incremental sales by aligning personal dreams with achieving professional sales goals. 
  • Marantz Stereo: Loyalty program offered key customers incentive trips for incremental sales.
  • Starcraft Company: Starcraft Club featured recreational vehicle “rallies” for 10,000 members who gave feedback on all new products and purchased inventory from the company.

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