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The Heart of Branding

At the very heart of our 12-point marketing plan process is brand building. These key elements of the brand building process will be explored, defined and implemented.

Start Inside Out

All great brands start inside out by taking an internal corporate inventory that answers these key questions:

     •  What business should we be in? (Who are we?)

     •  What do we stand for? (What are our core values?)

     •  What makes us unique? (What are our demonstrable differences?)

     •  What is our value proposition? (How do I add value to our customers and end users?)

     •  Why should people care? (How do we create a cause not just a business?)

Create Share of Mind

Great brands tap into our emotions, which in turn, drive our buying decisions.  Share of mind is the connecting point that transcends the product or service.  We believe if you create share of mind – share of market will follow, (e.g.) Harley Davidson has share of mind, Suzuki does not.  Harley Davidson has 28% share of market, Suzuki has 13%.

Brand Must Be Authentic

The branding story must be part of your company’s genuine make-up , an integral part of your roots.  Authenticity could be related to a sense of place, or a sense of purpose. (e.g.) Planet household cleaning products company was developed by a Canadian fisherman to clean up Canada’s waterways.

Capturing the Aura and Personality of the Brand

A great brand offers a personality and aura that resonates in the minds of its customers.  A great brand provokes a call to action like Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign.

Create Brand Uniqueness

Four brand communication keys that help us define the uniqueness of the brand will be explored:

     •  Name

     •  Product

     •  Features/benefits

     •  The unique way we market


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